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Increase Your Hits With Ezine Marketing

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Increase Your Hits With Ezine Marketing


Ezine, or an electronic magazine, is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your web site, and market your product or service. It is remarkably similar to a traditional newsletter or a magazine, with the exception that it is delivered by e-mail (since it is in the electronic format). People usually sign up to popular ezines, which could be either free, or a paid service. Usually, ezines are published weekly, but some ezines may be published daily, monthly, or even bi-monthly.

Good and popular ezines are widely circulated, and read by people. If you place your ad on any such good ezines, your web site is more likely to get large number of hits, as it will reach a wide and matured audience. There are three basic categories of ads in any ezine-

Classified Ads- These are the cheapest ads around, and you get to write an ad of 2-3 lines of text, which is placed at the bottom of the ezine. This type of ad usually has very limited response, and you thus need to place such ads only with ezines that have huge subscription, if you wish descent results. Nevertheless, this is a very good way to start off, especially if you are doing this for the first time.

Sponsor Ads- These can result in a better response, and are thus costlier than classified ads. You have the option of placing your ad at either the middle or bottom of the ezine issue, as you may deem fit. Sponsor ad also allows more text than the classified ads.

Solo Ad- This is the best form of ezine advertisement, and thus relatively much costlier than the other two form of ads. But what you get here is exclusivity. Your ad is specially sent to everyone on the mailing list, and there are no articles, or any other type of content to distract your target audience, which results in higher response. For a good solo ad, you can expect 10% response rate on an average. Though solo ads are costlier, they can still be accessed for as low as $10, with much better response. For a well placed and established business, it makes much more sense to send les number of solo ads, then a huge number of sponsor ads.

Placing ads on an ezine is a fairly simple process, and the whole thing can be set-up very quickly and quite easily. To start off, it is advisable to subscribe to a couple of ezines. Why subscribe? Because that will help you determine the list quality, and thus the profitability, if you run a campaign. It is a good idea to contact those who have previously advertised with that particular ezine, or are doing it currently.

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